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ITEC Group is dedicated to create ideal technologies related to variety of industries such as
Health & Beauty , Sustainable Energy (ECO Energy) and more can be found on relevant sections.
Companies around the world who wish to become Agents and Distributors are Welcome to contact us.
Direct Buyer from UK and countries where we do not have agents can purchase from store or contact via
email to;   sales@itecuk.net

About the company

200 Well-trained Employees
Established Since
Export to Over 70 countries
40 R&D Team Person

What We Focus On

Health & Beauty Equipments

Sustainable Energy -Eco Power

What We Focus On


We at iTEC are dedicated to deliver "IDEAL TECHNOLOGIES" to the world.. That is our Prime target!


Technologies must not harm mankind ! We at iTEC create technologies to resolve problems of the mankind.


We at iTEC believe that we must work together with likeminded groups to solve problems of mankind iTEC work with Governments, organizations individuals.


Global warming and energy crisis are key issues of the world. Some economies and societies are strugling with energy crisis. iTEC Project "SUSTAINABLE ENERGY for SUSTAINABLE FUTURE" resolve this.


iTEC Group is happy to work with any company or individuals who create ideal technologies to resolve problems of mankind. Clever inventions frequently fade off without support. Please contact us with your proposals " Lets do it "


iTEC Group wish to spread the love around the world. We cannot do it alone. iTEC need representation around the world to market ideal technologies and get feedbacks from customers. Please contact us to become an Agent.

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iTEC products are shipped world wide. Please contact us as you may have an iTEC agent in your country.

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"IDEAL TECHNOLOGIES" is iTEC concept. R&D is our strength. High Quality is the outcome.

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"IDEAL TECHNOLOGIES" for best price offers is not easy. At iTEC we use various stratergies to give you the Best Value for your money! Our store sell products of other manufacturers too who give great offers. Check them out.

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Purchase at iTEC store is safe with secure payment options. Buk buyers contact via email to sales@itecuk.net

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