Who We Are

iTEC was a brand name of Unilak Group International years ago. 2017 iTEC Group UK Ltd was incorporated.
iTEC Group has the support and advantages of the large network of Unilak International Conglomerate and it's associates.
iTEC was incorporated with prime ideology to create "IDEAL TECHNOLOGIES" for the best benefit of mankind.
At iTEC we work with creators, entrepreneurs, factories , institutions and individuals around the world to create "IDEAL TECHNOLOGIES" related to various industries.
At iTEC we love challenges and competition as a way to improve technologies.
We respect other manufacturers and work with them to promote "IDEAL TECHNOLOGIES" as the ultimate goal is best benefit for mankind.

Our Associates

Worldwide Shipping

iTEC products are shipped world wide. Please contact us as you may have an iTEC agent in your country.

Best Quality

is iTEC concept.
R&D is our strength.
High Quality is the outcome.

Best Offers

IDEAL TECHNOLOGIES" for best price offers is not easy. At iTEC we use various strategies to give you the Best Value for your money! Our store sell products of other manufacturers too who give great offers. Check them out.

Secure Payments

Purchase at iTEC store is safe with secure payment options. Buk buyers contact via email to sales@itecuk.net

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