Portable Solar-Hybrid Power Generators and Energy Storage Systems

Portable  Solar-Hybrid Power Generators and Energy Storage Systems are a low cost solution created with a very high utility value.

iTEC Portable  Generator systems can be purchased in 500W, 1000W, 2000W, 3000W and 5000W energy  capacities as per your requirement.

iTEC Portable / Mobile Power Generators can be used Off Grid.                                       On Grid should be with appropriate integration as per your grid specifications.

iTEC Portable   systems got an integrated Lithium Iron Phosphate or Ternary Lithium batteries that can be charged with Solar Power, Grid Power, Any other Generator, Vehicle Cigarette lighter.

Stored energy can be used anywhere you wish, as these are portable devices. Multiple appliances can be used simultaneously with iTEC Power plant (with in Generator /battery capacity). iTEC Portable   Generators are used for Domestic use Small businesses Small Industries (builders, fishermen, vendors, charity workers) etc. 

Ability to supply power to houses in remote villages without infrastructure to supply grid electricity. Camping, travelling, outdoor events. Back up power or in load shredding / Power-cuts. Emergency Workers Electric vehicles charging are great advantages of these SMART Devices. 

This list can go on with numerous uses as per your requirements.

We suggest to use this as the entry level to ECO Energy systems for personal , domestic and small business use.                                                                                                        iTEC supply high quality Lithium Iron, Lithium Iron Phosphate and Ternary Lithium batteries for Power storage from Mobile, or static Solar Power Generator systems. All iTEC Products got  CE, FCC, RoHS and ISO Quality certifications.

iTEC-RS-500 (500W)

iTEC- RS-1000(1000W)

iTEC- RS-2000(2000W)

iTEC- RS-3000(3000W)

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