iTEC Hydrostasis -Water Purifying & Ionizing Machine


Nowadays, more and more young people are suffering from old age problems, people of different ages suffer from various types of diseases. Most of these diseases have a common cause: violation of the acid-alkaline balance of the human body, resulting in acidification of the body.

How to stop acidification of the body?

In order to reduce the accumulation of acidic impurities one should drink ionized alkaline water, which facilitates the condensation of acid residues and excretion through the kidneys. The human body consists of 90% of water, with the passage of years the body’s water is becoming less as a consequence of what man ages. We depend on our health for how much and what water we drink! Ionized water becomes similar to body fluids, it produces vital forces in the body, has preventive effect, and helps fight various types of illness.

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