ITEC-RS-1000 Solar-Hybrid Home & Portable 1000W Power Generator & storage System (Complete)


AC Voltage 220 50Hz

iTEC-RS-1000 Solar-Hybrid Portable Power Plant

Dimensions: 340mm *200mm*240mm

Power Generation- 1000W high frequency AC inverter function

Power Storage-50AH, 25.6V,1280Wh lithium IronPO4 /Ternary- Lithium battery.

Solar Panel-200W MONO Rigid or Foldable

13 Amp matching Power Code

LED lights

Detailed instruction Manual

2years manufacturer warranty.

Functions & Power Outlets

4pieces USB Port and 1piece TYPE-C mobile charge port

3pieces AC Power out port (International standard port any country can be Ok)

3pieces DC Power out ports

1Piece large DC Power out ports

One piece LED lighting with SOS functions

200W mono solar panel with extra 5meters cable and connector for solar charging

3sets DC 12V 3w led bulb + 5meters wire for each bulb with independent switch

One piece AC wire (UK plug)- For AC charging


Function : AC input protection, DC input protection, Overheat protection, Humidity protection, AC output protection, DC output protection, Battery over charge protection, Battery over discharge protection, Short circuit protection, Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +55℃ Can be charged by AC grid electricity , DC solar energy and Gasoline generator 3 kinds way


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