ITEC-RS-3000 Solar-Hybrid Home & Portable 3000W Power Generator & storage System (Complete)


AC Voltage 220 50Hz

iTEC-RS-3000 Solar-Hybrid Portable Power Plant

Dimensions: 600mm *350mm*840mm

Power Generation- 3000W high frequency AC inverter function

Power Storage-67AH 51.2V LiFePO4 battery 3430Wh Lithium IronPO4 /Ternary- Lithium battery.

Solar Panel-2 x 200W MONO Rigid or Foldable

13 Amp matching Power Code

LED lights

Detailed instruction Manual

2years manufacturer warranty.

Functions & Power Outlets

4pieces USB Port and 1piece TYPE-C mobile charge port

4pieces AC Power out port (International standard port any country can be Ok)

3pieces DC Power out ports

2 x 200W mono solar panels with extra 5meters cable and connector for solar charging

3sets DC 12V 3w led bulb + 5meters wire for each bulb with independent switch

One piece AC wire (UK plug)- For AC charging


Function : AC input protection, DC input protection, Overheat protection, Humidity protection, AC output protection, DC output protection, Battery over charge protection, Battery over discharge protection, Short circuit protection, Working temperature: -20℃ ~ +55℃ Can be charged by AC grid electricity , DC solar energy and Gasoline generator 3 kinds of ways


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